Likutei Amarim Chapter 23, Class # 4

Middle of Chapter 23

ומאחר שרצון העליון המיוחד באין סוף ברוך הוא בתכלית היחוד, הוא בגילוי לגמרי ולא בהסתר פנים כלל וכלל בנפש האלקית ולבושיה הפנימים, שהם מחשבתה ודבורה, באותה שעה שהאדם עוסק בדברי תורה

Now, since the Divine Will, which is in perfect unity with G‑d Himself, stands completely revealed in the divine soul and in its inner garments — i.e., its thought and speech — while a person occupies himself with words of Torah, and there is nothing obscuring the Divine Will at that time, for when one studies Torah, the Divine Will and wisdom contained in it come into full expression in one’s soul and its faculties of thought and speech,

הרי גם הנפש ולבושיה אלו מיוחדים ממש באין סוף ברוך הוא באותה שעה בתכלית היחוד

it follows that at that time, the soul and these garments of thought and speech are also truly united with G‑d,

כיחוד דבורו ומחשבתו של הקב״ה במהותו ועצמותו כנ״ל

with a unity comparable to that of G‑d’s speech and thought with His essence and being as explained above. 5

כי אין שום דבר נפרד כי אם בהסתר פנים כנ״ל

For nothing is separate from G‑d, except insofar as His Countenance is concealed.

Only then can created beings perceive themselves as distinct entities (as explained in ch. 22). Since there is no such concealment when one studies the Torah, one attains thereby a perfect unity with G‑d — a unity comparable to that of G‑d’s speech and thought with Himself prior to their revelation as “speech” and “thought”, but as they are contained within Himself.

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