Likutei Amarim Chapter 13, Class # 4

Middle of Chapter 13

Until now we have been speaking of a working man who does not have the opportunity to spend all his time in Torah study and divine service. Now the discussion turns to the individual who spends all his time immersed in the study of Torah.

ואף מי שבתורת ה׳ חפצו, ויהגה בה יומם ולילה לשמה

Even if one’s entire aspiration is in G‑d’s Torah, which he studies day and night for its own sake,

אין זו הוכחה כלל שנדחה הרע ממקומו

this is still no proof whatever that the evil has been dislodged from its place.

אלא יכול להיות שמהותו ועצמותו הוא בתקפו ובגבורתו במקומו בחלל השמאלי

Perhaps, rather, the essence and substance of the evil are in their full strength and might in its abode in the left part of the heart,

רק שלבושיו שהם מחשבה דבור ומעשה של נפש הבהמית אינן מתלבשים במוח והפה והידים ושאר אברי הגוף

except that its garments — namely, the thought, speech and action of the animal soul — are not invested in the brain, mouth and hands and other parts of the body, to think and do that which is forbidden,

מפני ה׳ שנתן שליטה וממשלה למוח על הלב

because G‑d has granted the mind supremacy and dominion over the heart.

ולכן נפש האלקית שבמוח מושלת בעיר קטנה, אברי הגוף כולם

Therefore the divine soul in the mind rules over the “small city,” i.e., [over] all the parts of the body,

שיהיו לבוש ומרכבה

making them,the body’s organs, serve as “garment and vehicle”

I.e., as a means of expression (“garment”) that is totally subservient to its user (as is a “vehicle” to its rider); thus, because of its G‑d-given supremacy, the divine soul is able to use the body’s organs as a “garment and vehicle” —

לשלשת לבושיה שיתלבשו בהם, שהם מחשבה דבור ומעשה של תרי״ג מצות התורה

through which its three “garments” — namely, the thought, speech and action of the Torah’s 613 commandments — are expressed (“clothed”).

It may be, then, that with regard to this individual’s thinking and speaking words of Torah and performing the mitzvot, the divine soul rules over the body; in this area the divine soul has the upper hand and the animal soul is subservient.

אבל מהותה ועצמותה של נפש האלקית אין לה שליטה וממשלה על מהותה ועצמותה של נפש הבהמית בבינוני

However, in its essence and substance the divine soul has no preponderance over the essence and substance of the animal soul, in the case of a Beinoni,

כי אם בשעה שאהבת ה׳ הוא בהתגלות לבו

except at those times when his love for G‑d manifests itself in his heart

בעתים מזומנים כמו בשעת התפלה וכיוצא בה

on propitious occasions such as during prayer and the like.

Then, as mentioned in the previous chapter, the Beinoni is aroused to a burning love of G‑d that causes the evil of the animal soul to be nullified before the goodness of the divine soul.

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