Likutei Amarim Chapter 44, Class 6

Continuation of Chapter 44

The Alter Rebbe now goes on to say that the two kinds of love — “My soul…” and “Like a son…” — not only have the quality of love that results from contemplation, but they also have the quality of ahavah rabbah, the love that is granted from above. For they, too, are granted from above, inasmuch as Jews inherit them from the Patriarchs, as explained earlier.

Since these two kinds of love possess all these qualities, it would seem that they should suffice, and love born wholly of intellect is superfluous. Nevertheless, the Alter Rebbe concludes that a Jew should also strive to attain the love that results wholly from contemplating G‑d’s greatness, because of the reasons he will soon give.

ולא עוד, אלא שב׳ בחינות אהבות אלו הנזכרות למעלה הן כלולות מן בחינת אהבה רבה וגדולה ומעולה מדחילו ורחימו שכליים, אשר האהבה נקראת לעיל בשם אהבת עולם

Furthermore, these two categories of love that have been referred to above, the love of “My soul…” and the love of “Like a son…,” incorporate a quality of love which is greater and more sublime than intelligent fear and love, the kind that result from contemplating G‑d’s greatness, the love termed aboveahavat olam; these two kinds of love also partake of the quality of ahavah rabbah, which is loftier than ahavat olam.

The Rebbe explains that ahavah rabbah is rooted in Atzilut, which is far superior to Beriah, where ahavat olam is rooted. The Alter Rebbe alludes to this by saying “Furthermore”: i.e., these loves not only have the qualities of “natural” love and “intellectual” love, found in the Worlds of Yetzirah and Beriah respectively, but they also have the quality of the love of ahavah rabbah found in the World of Atzilut. This tremendous quality notwithstanding, the Alter Rebbe concludes that it is necessary to achieve the love brought about wholly through contemplation, for this love is unique in its passion and yearning for G‑dliness.

רק שאף על פי כן צריך לטרוח בשכלו להשיג ולהגיע גם לבחינת אהבת עולם הנזכרת למעלה, הבאה מהתבונה ודעת בגדולת ה׳

Nonetheless a person must strain his intellect to apprehend and attain also the above-mentioned22level of ahavat olam, which stems from an understanding and knowledge of the greatness of G‑d,

As such it differs from the loves of “My soul…” and “Like a son…” which essentially are inherited, and are onlyrevealed through contemplation.

כדי להגדיל מדורת אש האהבה ברשפי אש ושלהבת עזה ולהב העולה השמימה, עד שמים רבים לא יוכלו לכבות וגו׳ ונהרות לא ישטפוה וגו׳

in order to fan the blaze of the fiery love, with glowing coals and an intense fire and a flame that rises heavenwards, so that23 “not even many waters which are enemies of the love can extinguish it…, nor rivers quench it….”

Love created purely as a result of contemplation is more passionate and fiery than love which is essentially inherited, even when the inherited love is revealed through contemplation.




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23. Shir HaShirim 8:7.


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