Iggeres Ha’Teshuvah Chapter 1, Class 1

Tanya/ Iggeres Ha’Teshuvah – The Epistle on Repentance, Chapter 1, Class 1

Likkutei Amarim (“A Compilation of Teachings”)

Part three – entitled Iggeret Ha’Teshuvah – The Epistle on Repentance.


It has been taught in a Baraita at the end of Tractate Yoma:1 There are three types of atonement, varying according to the different categories of transgression,

and repentance [necessarily] accompanies each of them.

If one failed to fulfill a positive commandment and repented, he is forgiven forthwith.

If one violated a prohibitive commandment and repented, his repentance is tentative, and Yom Kippur atones.

In this instance, repentance alone does not suffice to secure complete forgiveness; it only guarantees that he will not be punished until the arrival of Yom Kippur, at which time he is completely forgiven.




1. Cf. 86a.

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