Likutei Amarim Chapter 39, Class # 4

Continuation of Chapter 39

Having explained that Beriah is the abode of souls that served G‑d with intellectual love and fear, and Yetzirah — of souls that served Him with natural love and fear, the Alter Rebbe will now discuss the divine service of those souls whose abode is the World of Atzilut. The quality of their divine service, he explains, surpasses even that of intellectual love and fear. This is the level of those tzaddikim who become veritable “chariots” for G‑d: they have no will save His Will, and their every act testifies to their utter self-nullification before Him.

ועולם האצילות, שהוא למעלה מהשכל וההשגה וההבנה לשכל נברא

The World of Atzilut is beyond the intelligence, grasp and understanding of a created being’s intellect. Even a spiritual being in the World of Beriah is after all a created being, and Atzilut is beyond its grasp as well.

כי חכמתו ובינתו ודעתו של אין סוף ברוך הוא מיוחדות שם בו בתכלית היחוד

For the Chochmah, Binah and Daat of the Ein Sof are united with Him there (in Atzilut) in perfect unity,

ביחוד עצום ונפלא, ביתר שאת ויתר עז לאין קץ מבעולם הבריאה

in a profound and wonderful unity infinitely superior to that [unity] found in Beriah.

כי שם ירדו להאיר בבחינת צמצום

For there they descended to illuminate [only] to a restricted(“contracted”) degree. The ChaBaD of Atzilut (referred to here as “ChaBaDof Ein Sof”) radiate in Beriah only after their light is “contracted”,

כדי שיוכלו שכלים נבראים לקבל מהן חב״ד, לידע את ה׳ ולהבין ולהשיג איזו השגה באור אין סוף ברוך הוא

so as to enable the intellect of created beings (namely, the angels and souls of Beriah) to receive ChaBaD — wisdom, understanding and knowledge —from [these Sefirot of Atzilut], so that they might know G‑d, and so that they might grasp and comprehend something of the Ein Sof-light,

כפי כח שכלים הנבראים, שהם בעלי גבול ותכלית

to the extent that the intellect of finite, limited, created beings is capable of understanding.

שלא יתבטלו במציאותם ולא יהיו בגדר נבראים כלל, רק יחזרו למקורם ושרשם, שהוא בחינת אלקות ממש

To achieve this purpose a “contraction” of ChaBaD of Atzilut was necessary,lest they (the created beings of Beriah) dissolve out of existence and lest they furthermore cease altogether to exist as created beings, reverting instead to their source and root, namely G‑dliness itself.

Were the ChaBaD of Atzilut to shine forth in Beriah without being “contracted”, allowing the creatures of Beriah to grasp G‑dliness as it radiates in the Sefirot of Atzilut,these creatures would be overwhelmed by the G‑dly illumination beyond their capacity to absorb, and would dissolve out of existence.

Hence, the Alter Rebbe will now continue, it is only the G‑dliness in a “contracted”ChaBaD that creatures of Beriah can grasp and absorb (and even then, only to the extent of their limited capacity); the light of ChaBaD in its pristine state, as in Atzilut, is beyond them.

והנה צמצום זה היא סבת ההארה שמאירות שם חב״ד של אין סוף ברוך הוא לנשמות אלו בעולם הבריאה

This contraction (which ChaBaD of Atzilut undergo in order to radiate inBeriah) thus causes the souls in the World of Beriah to be illuminated by a glow of ChaBaD of Ein Sof (i.e., ChaBaD of Atzilut); it is this contraction that enables them to have some perception of the Ein Sof-light.

מה שאין כן באצילות, שאינם בבחינת צמצום כל כך, אי אפשר לשכלים נבראים לקבל מהן

The created intellectual beings [of Beriah] cannot, however, apprehendChaBaD as they are (i.e., in all their undimmed intensity) in the World ofAtzilut, where the ChaBaD are not contracted to such a great degree as inBeriah.

“To such a great degree” — for the very fact of their being Sefirot (i.e., individual, defined categories) indicates that ChaBaD are merely contracted, limited manifestations of the undefinable Ein Sof; the degree of contraction, however, is much less than that ofBeriah, and therefore the creatures of Beriah cannot receive intellectual illumination fromChaBaD of Atzilut.

ולכן לית מחשבה דלהון תפיסא שם כלל

Therefore, their thought cannot grasp there at all, i.e., the thought and intellect of the created beings of Beriah can in no way grasp the light radiating in Atzilut.

לכן הוא מדור לצדיקים הגדולים

For this reason, [Atzilut] is the abode of the great tzaddikim,

שעבודתם היא למעלה מעלה אפילו מבחינת דחילו ורחימו הנמשכות מהבינה ודעת בגדולתו יתברך

whose service of G‑d is far superior even to fear and love derived from understanding and knowing His greatness,

כמו שעולם האצילות הוא למעלה מעלה מבחינת בינה ודעת לשכל נברא

just as Atzilut transcends by far the level of the understanding and knowledge of a created being’s intellect.

אלא עבודתם היתה בבחינת מרכבה ממש לאין סוף ברוך הוא

Their service is, rather, on the level of an actual “chariot” of the blessedEin Sof,

וליבטל אליו במציאות, ולהכלל באורו יתברך, הם וכל אשר להם

nullifying their very existence before Him, and incorporating themselves, and all that they possess, within His light,

על ידי קיום התורה והמצות

through the observance of the Torah and the mitzvot.

על דרך שאמרו: האבות הן הן המרכבה, והיינו לפי שכל ימיהם היתה זאת עבודתם

Our Sages applied such a description to the Patriarchs, saying that6 “they themselves constituted the divine chariot,” for this was the Patriarchs‘ level of service, throughout their lives.

The Patriarchs were constantly in that state of self-nullification before G‑d denoted by the term “chariot”. Similarly, in the case of the tzaddikim spoken of here. Through their Torah and mitzvot, they effect the highest degree of self-nullification before G‑d in themselves and in all their affairs. The abode of their souls, therefore, is likewise in a World pervaded with this spirit of self-nullification, namely the World of Atzilut.



6. Bereishit Rabbah 47:6; Zohar I, 210b.

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